Reunion 2011

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"Dinner Tables"

Table 1

"Table 1"

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Table 2

"Table 2"

Table 3

"Table 3"

Table 4

"Table 4"


Table 5

"Table 5"

Table 6

"Table 6"

Table 7

"Table 7"

Table 8

"Table 8"

Table 9

"Table 9"

"The AGM & Committee 2010"

Chaiman Dennis

"Chairman Dennis"

President For Life

"President for life"

Testing the hammer

"Testing the hammer"

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Chairman Dennis again

"Chairman Dennis Again"

The Debt Collector

"The debt collector"

The Gift

"The gift"

The Hon. President

"Our Hon. President"

Sec. Andrew

"Secretary Andrew"

Mem. Sec. Ann

"Membership Secretary Ann"

The Workers 1

"The Workers 1"

With Great Amusement

"With great amusement"

The Workers 2

"The Workers 2"

Hon. Treasurer

"Our Hon. Treasurer"

"Church Service"

Padre Peter Haywood

"Padre Peter Haywood"

Peter Again

"Peter again"

Joke Point Made

"Joke point made

"Dancing 2011"

Dancers on the Floor

"Dancers on the floor"

Dancers Again

"Dancers again"

More Dancers


"More dancers"

Strutting their Stuff

"Strutting their stuff"

Round They Go

"Round the room they go"

Same ones again

"The same ones again"

Ann and Andrew

"Ann and Andrew this time"

A late dance

"A Late Dance"

Final Dance

"Final Dance"

"Chatham Dockyard"

Anchor Party 1

"Anchor Party 1"

Anchor Party 2

"Anchor Party 2"

Anchor Party 3

"Anchor Party 3"

Anchor Party 4

"Anchor Party 4"

Ice break

"Ice Break"

Ice Creams

"Ice Creams"

Sitting in the Sun

"Sitting in the Sun"

Anchor Party 1

"Tea Time"

And I told him straight

"And I told him straight"

Erm, what was I going to say

"Erm, what was I going to say"

"The Raffle"

Raffle 1

"Raffle 1"

Raffle 2

"Raffle 2"

Raffle 3

"Raffle 3"

Raffle Prizes

"Raffle Prizes"


Shipmates 1

"Shipmates 1"

Shipmates 2

"Shipmates 2"

Shipmates 3

"Shipmates 3"

Shipmates 4

"Shipmates 4"

Shipmates 5

"Shipmates 5"

Shipmates 6

"Shipmates 6"

Shipmates 7

"Shipmates 7"

Shipmates 8

"Shipmates 8"

Shipmates 9

"Shipmates 9"

Shipmates 10

"Shipmates 10"

David Griffiths

"David Griffiths"



Listening 1

"Listening 1"

Listening 2

"Listening 2"

"Up Spirits"

Up Spirits 1

"Up Spirits 1"

Up Spirits 2

"Up Spirits 2"

Up Spirits 3

"Up Spirits 3"

Up Spirits 4

"Up Spirits 4"

Up Spirits 5

"Up Spirits 5"

Up Spirits 6

"Up Spirits 6"

It's definitely Rum

"It's definitely Rum"

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